tank fittings TITAN line

American Tank Co., Inc.

new TITAN Line of tank adapters makes installations faster, easier and more precise than other fittings on the market today.

Our new patented design uses the holding power of a bolted tank fitting without having to drill additional holes in the tank wall which can lead to leaks. tank fittings new patent pending design
Chem bolt fitting
Chem-bolt fitting

The absence of flange bolts increases the surface sealing area resulting in a superior seal. Our new design produces a tension seal that compresses the gasket producing a uniform positive seal. One of the most unique features of this new fitting is it will not harm the tanks integrity resulting in a longer tank life.


The Titan Line of tank fittings are manufactured
in the

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1 Inch

1 1/2 Inch

2 Inch

3 Inch

4 Inch

* Also available in Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC, CPVC, Kynar, and Teflon.

Plastic fittings listed are all machined from heavy duty bar stock for maximum chemical resistance, strength and quality.

* Faster to install

* Provides a leak proof seal

* Save time and money, do it right the first time

* 1-year manufacturer warranty

* Sizes 1" 1-1/2" 2" 3" 4"

* Available in threaded and coming soon, the Eagle Manifold

* Viton or EPDM gaskets available


American Tank Co., Inc. now introduces our preset tee handle torque wrenches to be used on our TITAN stainless steel and pvc fittings. This tool makes an easy installation even easier by taking the guess work out of tightening the fitting bolts. This torque wrench is preset at 30 & 80 inch pounds which compress the gasket to exact specifications. No mistakes, no under or over tightening, just twist until it clicks and you are done. with this tool anyone can produce a clean and professional installation.



tank fittings torque wrench


  • Highly durable
  • Fast, Easy One-handed tightening in the right -hand direction
  • T-shape creates effective leverage
  • Flanged reversing collar disengages the ratchet mechanism and locks the tool for conventional backing off and loosening.